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How to Integrate Autoresponders

Once you log into MarketGee for the first time, your welcome screen should look like the one below.  The first step is to set up your integrations correctly. So you’ll have to integrate your autoresponder, payment processor, social accounts and media storage.

Step 1: Click on Integrations

Click on Autoresponders


Let’s begin by Integrating an Autoresponder.

Log into your preferred autoresponder on a different tab to get the API Key, API Secret, or whatever integration key is applicable to your autoresponder service provider, then come back to MarketGee Integrations.

For this demonstration, let’s go with Mailchimp. So I’ll be going to my Mailchimp account to get my API key.


Step 2: Select your preferred Autoresponder. For the purpose of this demonstration, we’ll be using MailChimp.



Step 3: To get the API key, log into your Mailchimp account. Go to Setting, click on account as you can see in the screenshot below:




And scroll down to copy your API key.

Note: If you have not created any API key before, you will need to create one before you can copy it to your MarketGee Mailchimp Integration.

Step 4: Go back to the tab where your MarketGee account is open, and enter the API key and then, click Connect.

Congratulations, your MailChimp account has been successfully added!


Let’s add one more autoresponder


Step 1: Log into your Sendiio account, Click on the drop-down beside your profile image at the top right corner of the dashboard.

Click on My Account, scroll down the page to copy your API key and API secret.


Step 2: Go back to the tab where your MarketGee account is open, and enter the API key and the API Secret then, click Connect.



Login to your Klayvio account

Click on your Profile Name and go to Setting

Click on API Keys and click on Create Private API Key

Give the API a name, copy the code and head back to MarketGee.

Paste the code and click on Connect
And that’s it for Klayivo



Login to your Omnisend account

Click on Connect Your Store

Click on API and click on API Keys

Copy the API key

Head back to MarketGee and paste the code.

Click on Connect



Login to your Hubspot account

Click on Setting, go to Integrations and Click on API Key

Go to private app

Fill in the Basic Info and Scope of the API and Click on Create

Copy the Code

Go back to MarketGee and Paste the Code

Click on Connect

Once you’re done integrating autoresponders, the next thing is to add up your Payment Processors, Click here to view the article.

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