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Comment Bot

A comment bot is a tool that automatically responds to messages/comments that people make on your post…

Now let’s get started with the comment bot;

Step 1: From your MarketGee dashboard, click on Traffic tools

…click on comment bot;

Once you click on comment bot, you will arrive here;

Here, you can choose from both options, to create or to use the existing template.

let us begin with the first option, so when you click on My Bots, you will arrive here;

Click on Enable comment Bot

Here you get to choose which of your pages you would like the comment bot enabled in;

The two circled icons are action buttons, one to view a report and the plus sign to enable a comment bot, which is what we want to achieve hence we click on the plus icon

You will arrive here; where you will see posts made on the page, then you click on Enable Comment bot on the particular post you want it enabled if you have multiple posts

Once you click on the above-pointed button, you will be brought to a page where you will fill in the Comment bot Campaign details, see the screenshots below;

Once you have filled and checked the above, you scroll down to input the messages you want your prospects to see once they make a comment on the post you have enabled comment bot;

Once you are done filling, click on the Save button, and you will see a pop-up to show that your request has been saved successfully.


Easy right?


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