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Getting Started With My Pages In MarketGee

How To Get Started With My Pages

In this article, I will be showing you how to use this awesome tool called My Pages in MarketGee efficiently.

Although My Pages In MarketGee is straightforward, it is possible to hit a roadblock while using it. This is why we have created these articles on this page to guide you if you ever get confused.

So let’s get started…


STEP 1: Sign in to your dashboard as a user using the email and the password sent to you after you purchase.



STEP 2; This is the MarketGee user dashboard; when you are signed in successfully,



Here is how to Access My Pages on MarketGee;

STEP 3; From your dashboard, navigate downwards and select My pages Tool.


Now that you can access My Pages from your dashboard,

STEP 4: The create or +plus button allows you to create a new page. Once you click on it, there will be a popup where you can name your page and slug.



STEP 5: A pop will come up; insert a Page Name and slug (this is how your page URL will appear, e.g.,, and click on Create Page.



Now, we can start building our pages. From this page, you can see the list of MarketGee Page elements. I will show you how to use every Element on this builder. But Before that, let’s create a section first.

STEP 6; Click on Add Block to start creating your page


Ones You click on ADD BLOCK, a popup will appear from which you can add Blank Block, where you can build your pages from scratch.


STEP 7; Click on Blank block to start building your page from scratch

You also have options to select Templates (these are Custom MarketGee Templates already done for you). You can access Your Templates from SAVED TEMPLATES; you can also access your SAVED SECTIONS or Import Blocks from other pages using the IMPORT BLOCK option.


Also, you can choose any page you want to build by clicking on the top left-hand side of your dashboard.



Now that our Block has been Added, I will show you how to use All the Page Elements in MarketGee.

You can start inputting the elements by using the drag n drop method.



And that’s it!


In the following article, I will be showing you how to add the different elements to the MarketGee Page builder.


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