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Graphic Designer

A Graphic tool is a craft where you can create visual content to communicate messages.

So, let us begin by applying here in MarketGee.

Step 1: Click on Graphic designer.


Step 2: Click on Create project and enter the project name, then enter create.


Step 3: Click on the project you created.


Step 4: Click on create a design.


Step 5: On this page, you can choose where you want to design from. But we will start with a blank canvas.


Step 6: Select your width and height and click on create.


Step 7: On this page, you can choose to use a stock image or upload your own image and customize it to your use.


Step 8: Click to save to your graphic tool and also click export to save to your computer.



Step 9: On this page, we will be using the design template


Step 10: Select the particular template you want and click on it.


Step 11: After choosing your preferred template, you can then edit the font, color, size, and text.


Step 12: Then click on save, it will show where to save it to, either as a design or a template. When you choose a design, it will ask you to select the template category you will be saving it to.


I believe this is helpful.

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