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How to activate and setup the wheelio widget

1. Activate the wheelio widget by toggling on the switch button and click on any part of the thumbnail to proceed

2. Kindly click on the Add a new wheel button to create a new wheel on your website

3. After creating a wheel, the user will be redirected to the editor page, in the editor page, users can change wheel color, text, and connect autoresponder to collect user’s details then click on next to continue.

4. After clicking next the system will redirect the user to the system slices page, here users to configure the slices on their wheel by adding type, label, coupon value, probability, and action then click on the next button to continue.

5. You can also show the widget on both your website when you select the display tab, please fill in the necessary requirements that best suits your action and click on next to continue your widget setup, see the screenshot below;

6. Clicking on the show this widget on the link am sharing, allows you to generate a shareable link with an ID path, for example, “” see the screenshot below;

7. On the Targeting tab, you can target specific visitors to show your widget on your site or you can decide to show it to all visitors that come to your site. However, you can also set specific goals on your site by toggling on the switch.

8. click on Save to finalize and save your setup

9. Activate the widget by toggling the switch then your wheelio widget will be visible on your site.

10. Here is how the wheelio widget looks on your website

Users can optin after spinning wheels, here is how to get user’s details on your conversion dashboard;

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