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How to activate and setup your call to action widget

After installing the conversion widget on your website, the next step is to activate either one or more of the conversion widgets on your website, depending on your strategies.

  1. Kindly enable CTA to embed by toggling on the button then further clicking on the CTA tool to proceed.
  2. After clicking on the CTA tool, you will be redirected to the campaign page, please click on the create campaign button, a modal pops up, kindly enter your campaign name and click on create to proceed.
  3. After creating a campaign, you will be navigated to the page on the screenshot below, please simply click on the highlighted area to proceed
  4. Click on add a widget then select and fill in the right response on the form then select the position where you want the widget to load from then click on the “NEXT” button
  5. The next setup is the customization of the CTA widget, please toggle on the necessary item on the left side of your computer screen depending on your choice of custom setup, however, you can add images, videos by clicking on the avatar or on the play button after toggling it on. You can add video from your local storage then click on the next button to proceed to how the widget will display
  6. You can also show the widget on both your website when you select the display tab, please fill in the necessary requirements that best suits your action and click on next to continue your widget setup, see the screenshot below;
  7. Clicking on the show this widget on the link am sharing, allows you to generate a shareable link with an ID path, for example, “” see the screenshot below;
  8. On the Targeting tab, you can target specific visitors to show your widget on your site or you can decide to show it to all visitors that come to your site. However, you can also set specific goals on your site by toggling on the switch.
  9. However, you can also set specific goals on your site by toggling on the switch and also add visitors rule by clicking on the “+Add visitors rule button”
  10. Kindly click on Save to finalize your setup
  11. You will be redirected to the page below, please click on the thumbnail below on the screenshot.
  12. finally, toggle on the switch to activate your widget, then check your website link and you will see the widget will pop up on your website.

Here is what the widget looks like on the website below;

Note that you can view and export users’ data after your site visitor subscribes.

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