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How to add a custom email setup (SMTP)

You can create a custom email on Product and cart, this is also known as SMTP, SMTP is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the communication protocol that applications use to send an email over the internet to servers.

The cPanel SMTP set-up process involves two steps:

  • Create an email account on the server.
  • Enter the account’s server and authentication information in the email client.

First, let’s create a new email account. In cPanel, navigate to the Email Accounts interface

Click on the create button to create a new email or select an existing email if you want to use that.

Fill in the above info as required and click on save to proceed;

After creating an email, kindly click on “CONNECT DEVICES”, as demonstrated in the screenshot below to access your SMTP login details;

Copy the SMTP credentials and navigate to your Marketgee dashboard, then click on the Product page, select a project, and click on the mail settings tab to complete this process by entering all the expected credentials on the form as displayed in the screenshot below;

Lastly, after entering the credentials correctly, kindly click on the Test button first and when the system returns a success message you can then proceed to click the SAVE button.

This is the success notification that will pop up from the right top of your computer screen.

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