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How to Add Automations

To begin, from your dashboard, click on Automation

Click on Create New 

Give it a Name and Description

From here, you can delete, duplicate and edit the automation.

To add automation, click on the name of the project to enter the project dashboard

There are two tabs, the Trigger and Action tabs. A trigger creates an action e.g. If a visitor optin to a landing page, that will trigger an action which is to send a course to the visitor or give him access to a service.

Or if a visitor purchases a course, the link to the course should be sent to him in the next 2minutes of purchase

So let’s try to create a trigger and an action

To add a trigger, drop it into the dashboard and click on it to add a page to it

Let’s add an action, click on the +plus sign and then Action

And add a Delay


Then let’s add the actual action to get access to a product

Once you are done with adding the triggers and the actions, click on Save

You can also save it as a template



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