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How to get started and install the conversion widget on your site

A quick run-through on how to get started with the conversion tool.

  1. Kindly create a new project on the Marketgee dashboard or simply select an existing project, see the screenshot below;
  2. You will be redirected to the “APP TOOLS” kindly select conversion tool to proceed to the conversion app dashboard as demonstrated on the screenshot below;
  3. Create a conversion project by adding either your personal website created using external builders or you add the website you created using the MarketGee builder, In this tutorial, I will be working with the external page because I assume many people might try integrating their external pages first. So kindly click on the section that says”Use external URL”
  4.  then enter your website link for example then click the SAVE button to proceed.
  5. This will generate a new page, kindly click on the embed button to copy the conversion script and paste it on any website of your choice. However, I will be working with WordPress builder in other to guide you on how to achieve this;
  6. Kindly login to your WordPress backend then install the HFCM plugin, then proceed to paste the script on the header or footer of the Header footer code manager plugin then click on SAVE.



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