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How To Build Landing Pages

Sign in to your NarketGee Dashboard



This is the MarketGee user dashboard; when you are signed in successfully,

Click on Application

Next, click on My Pages

On the next page, click on the +PLUS sign to create a new page


It’s time to give your page a new. Enter a preferred name for the page and slug will follow suit.

Click on Create Page



When you click on Add Block, it gives you the option to select a blank page or choose a template to start with

You can start building your landing page with the blocks provided

The Blank Block allows you to start from scratch with a blank page or select from the done for you blocks available and there are templates available as well that you can choose from.

When you click on all, the templates have been arranged into categories

The Import Block allows you to webpage and edit it in landing page editor

At the bottom of the page editor, there more element/features to work, there are about 29 of these elements to help you build a stunning landing page

For example, the text element

The Text element allows you to add text to a page and the button element allows you to add a call to action button to a page and style it the way you want it to look.

Each of the elements have been covered

Once you pick a block, you can decide to build out the entire landing page with the block templates provided.

To add icons at the bottom of the page can also add value to what you are building

The Page Exit feature allows you exit the builder when you are done building your landing page

While the Page Setting allows you to add a title and description to the page, Favicon, custom CSS and Code setup. The title and description helps make your page SEO-friendly for the search engines.

And for the Page Style, this allows you to set the dimension of your page. You can decide to use the standard 1080. You can also change the background color and the typography

The Reorder Block allows you to rearrange the blocks used to build your page.

And whatever element you add, you can go back to the previous action you took by using the Undo or Redo buttons as seen on the screenshot below.

You can check if your page is fit for Tablet devices by clickong on the Table button and most importantly, many people access the internet from their Mobile devices. Ensure that the page is fit for Mobile by clicking on the Mobile button.

When you are done building, click on the Preview button to check how the page looks like

And remember, when you make any changes always save it

Here is a sample page built while creating this tutorial


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