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Interest Explorer

This amazing tool allows you to search for a specific item on Google as well as on facebook from MarketGee

Super cool right!

Now let me show you how to use it;

From your MarketGee dashboard, click on Applications and then again click on Traffic, again all the Tools under Traffic will pop up, then click on Interest Explorer, see the image below:

Now let’s see how this amazing tool works; simply click on the Interest Explorer and you will arrive here; see the image below

Again, click on Explore Interest;Input the item you will like to explore, also select the specific country you want to explore, then click on Explore

In split seconds the results are generated;


From the image above you can see I searched for Sportscar in the United States,

The results show I can explore more interests related to sportscars, the icon pointed enables you to save, the search column shows you can search either on Facebook and or Google, as you choose


This amazing tool is super easy to use.

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