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Messenger Bot

messenger bot is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to communicate with customers.

This tool allows you to Easily Create A Facebook Messenger Bot For Marketing, Sales, And Support.

Now let’s get started on how to use this awesome tool.


This tool has 3 distinct features to choose from: we will be exploring each feature this tool has

We will be exploring each feature one after the other;

Step 1: Click on My Bots

Step 2: Then click on create a new bot

When you click on the Create a new Bot, you will arrive at this page which requires you to choose which of the pages you own or manage and want to enable the bot

I will be using the Kendils Galleria page for the purpose of this training:

Step 3: Click on your choice page, then you will arrive here, click on Enable Bot

Here you see, Bot is enabled on this page:



Once you enable the bot for the selected page, you will arrive here; click on the 3 dots then you will see a drop-down menu

We will be going through each item on the menu one at a time

Click on Settings, you have the choice to turn on either of the features under the settings menu

Next, click on Automations

Then you will arrive here;

Then click on add new automation, then you will arrive here;

We will take each feature one after the other starting with “Keyword” Fill in the Automation name, then your choice keywords, then select your preferred template type, the click on submit


When you click on submit, it automatically saves the automation, once saved you have 2 options to edit the automation or delete.

Now we proceed to the next feature on the menu

Click on create new Template

Then, you will arrive here:

Input the template name, select the page you want to use, then click on next to move to step 2:

Here, choose the type of template you want to use from the various options, then click on create a template.

Below is a screenshot of the template I created, also note that you can choose to edit the template or delete it using either of the circled icons on the screenshot.

You can also create additional bot templates



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