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This article will show you how to Embed the ClickFomo Social proof widget on your optimizePress account.

STEP 1: From Your Dashboard, After selecting Conversion Tool, Click on Add Website,  A drop box will appear and You will have to insert your website URL (Note: Website must be SSL secured else it will return an Error message)

STEP 2:  Activate and Select The ClickFomo Widget.


  1.  Activites:  The Activities Panel displays Notifications of  Tracked Activites.
  2. Settings: Here you can customize Customer Name, Popup description, select or upload Avatar,  Customer Location display, Display website etc.
  3.  Activity Source: here You can integrate your Pixel with Clickfunnels, Paykick start, optimize press, Convertri, lead pages, insta pages, thrive themes, Builder All Etc.
  4. AutoResponder:  Grow your list while by integrating Different Autoresponders Directly with your Clickfomo tool.

Now, How Do You Embed ClickFomo Pixel on Your optimizePress page?

From The ” ACTIVITY SOURCE” Panel, Click on “Add source”

After that, select any Platform you will like to embed your pixel in(In this case, optimizePress). Once that is done, A Pixel Popup will appear and You’ll have to copy and paste the Pixel code Inside You clickfunel Account



Go back to the conversion Dashboard, Click on “EMBED” to copy Pixel code and make sure Clickfomo is activated.

Once The Pixel code has been copied, log in to your optimizePress account.

OptimizPress Integration

There are four places where you can add tracking and retargeting pixels.

1. Globally on all LiveEditor pages
2. Individual on each LiveEditor page
3. Gloabally on the blog
4. Individually on the blog post

The advantage of having these options means you don’t need to install the ConvertProof Pixel on page that you  don’t want them to show on.

1. Globally on all LiveEditor Pages

This adds the script on all LiveEditor pages old and new.

To do this go to:

Dashboard > Analytics and Tracking > Other Tracking Scripts > Paste in your ConvertProof Script


2. Individually on all LiveEditor Pages

This adds the script to a single LiveEditor pages.

To do this go to:

Open the LiveEditor Page Settings > Other Scripts > Footer > Paste in your script

(If you don’t see footer click ‘Add New’ then choose Footer)

3. Globally on your Blog

This adds the ConvertProof Pixel on all blog posts and pages.

Blog Settings > Modules > Other Scripts > Paste in your script

4. Individually on Blog Pages

This adds the ConvertProof Pixelon all blog pages.

Edit the blog page > Click the OptimizePress Setting tab > Choose Footer > Paste in your script

5. Individually on Blog Posts

This adds the ConvertProof Pixel on individual blog posts

Edit the blog post > Click the OptimizePress Setting tab > Choose Footer > Paste in your script

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