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How to Integrate Payment Processor

Step 1: To begin, from your dashboard, click on Integrations.


Step 2: Click on Payment Processors.


As seen from the screenshot above, there are different payment processor you can choose from depending on the one avaialable where you live.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ll add two of them as an example to show you how to add any of the payment processor.

Let begin with Paypal



Step 3: 


Go back to your MarketGee account, click on Paypal, and then fill the form as shown in the image below:



Login to your Flutterwave account
Click on Settings

Click on API Keys

Go back to MarketGee and Flutterwave

Paste the API Keys copied from Flutterwave dashboard and click on connect

And puch the button to activate it


And one more thing we need to integrate is your Social Channels, Click Here!

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