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Scene Creator

A Scene Creator basically contains the tools you need to create stunning graphics. So, you can mix and match elements as you see fit to build beautifully vivid graphics of your own very quickly. So, we will begin.

Step 1: Click on Scene Creator.


Step 2: Click on Create Scene and enter the Scene name.


Step 3: Choose a place to start with. We will start from the blank canvas. Click on it and press continue.


Step 4: On this page, you can search for the particular mockup to use. Then, you will find different tools to use on the menu sidebar of the dashboard. You can drag and drop any of the tools to create a Scene.


Step 5: Click on Save, to save it to your graphic tool, and Save As, to save it to your computer. Then, you can choose the Scene category and give type your Template Title, then, click on Save Template.


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