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Subscriber Form

STEP 1: Drag and Drop the element into a section.

SETTINGS: On the Form Setting panel, We have Form and AR (Autoresponder)

You can manually configure your form by filling in the necessary data in the different attributes.

-) Action Attribute: Defines the action to be performed when the form is submitted.

This option allows you to automatically configure your form.

1)   Integrate your Autoresponder, You can add any Autoresponder of your choice.
2)  After your Integration, You can redirect your form to an External Link after signup
3)  And you can also redirect your users to a page after signup.

LAYOUT: The Layout option allows you to customize form Width, Border, Corner, Padding and Margin.

RESPONSIVE: Here You can decide to hide or Show form element on Phone, Tablet or Desktop.

ADVANCED SETTINGS: Animate the form element using this option.

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